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Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer and EPDM continuous length o-ring cord.
Nitrile: Temp Range: -30oC to +90oC / Fluoroelastomer: Temp Range -20oC to +240oC.
Nitrile: Excellent resistance to mineral oil based fluids, hydrocarbon fuels, greases and water.
Nitrile: Not suitable for aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, brake fluid and some fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
Fluoroelastomer (Viton(R)): Suitable for synthetic and hydraulic fluids, strong acids, steam, many chemicals and many alkalis.

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Diagram - O-Rings - Cord

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Nominal Diameter (d)
Material Durometer Hardness Maximum Continuous Length (L)
Part Number
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(0.059 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0150-N7075
(0.079 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0200-N7045.5
(0.098 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0250-N7026
(0.118 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0300-N701
(0.139 in.)
Black Fluoroelastomer Duro 75 500 Mtrs ORC-0353-V751
(0.197 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0500-N701
(0.210 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0533-N7044
(0.217 in.)
Nitrile NBR Duro 70 200 Mtrs ORC-0550-N7013
(0.276 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0700-N7011.5
(0.315 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-0800-N707
(0.394 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 30 ORC-1000-N7011
(0.472 in.)
Nitrile NBR Duro 70 50 Mtrs ORC-1200-N709
(0.625 in.)
Nitrile Duro 70 15 ORC-1588-N701
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