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Various brands and types. Includes Inox, Lanox, Anti-Seize, Cutting Fluid, Chain Lube, Moly Lube, Food Grade Grease, PTFE Lubes, Silicone and more
Some items in this category are marked as only available for collection.
Includes high temperature and food grade lubes.
Battery Conditioner - Oils - Moisture Inhibitor - WD - Valve and Oring Lubricant

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Cutting Molyslip Metal Cutti...Molytec 450 gram Tin Low melting point co...Contains Molybdenum ...CUTTINGCOMPOUND-4501
Cutting Molyslip Metal Working Fluid Molytec 350 ml Bottle NO DELIVERIES. This ...Metal working fluid ...Vital to combat the ...CUTTINGFLUID-350G1
Cutting Molyslip Metal Working Spray Molytec 400 ml Aerosol Can NO DELIVERIES. This ...High performance met...Can be used for the ...CUTTINGSPRAY-400ML2
Graphite Powder Tube Pine Pro 7 Grams Unrestricted Micron sized dry gra...Great for locks and ...GRAPHITE-POWDER-7G16
Grease High Speed Low Visco...ZB19 25 gram Tube Low viscosity formula GREASE-HS-25G8
Grease Molytac 2 Molytec 2.5 kg Pail High quality, multi-...Contains 3% molybden...GREASE-MOLYTAC2-2.5KG1
Moisture Inhibitor Moisture inhibitor with PTFE Inox 30ml Injector Bottle NO DELIVERIES. This ...Extreme pressure & a...Food Grade Approved ...INOXPTFE-30ML13
Oil Oil Dispenser Pen Lubra Metallic 12 ml Pen General purpose hand... OIL-PEN-121
Oil General Purpose Oil 3 IN 1 88ml (3 oz.) Unique spout to assi... WD-10135RS1
Grease Multemp PS2 Kyodo Yushi 300 Gram Tube No 2 synthetic oil w...Minus 60 Deg C to Pl...GREASE-MUL-PS2-3000
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