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Packing Boxes and Materials

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Packing Materials

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A small selection of common packing materials. Boxes, markers, mailpacks, bubble wrap and magicseal bags.

Small Parts and Bearings website has a good range of specialty engineering products. Check it now for a possible expanded range of Packing Materials.

Seals and Sealing

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Seals - Door Edge Protection Material

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Heavy duty edge protection with gripper metal insert. Made from black PVC. Heat resistant to 100 Deg C. Steel spring core.

Easily presses on and forms around 90o corners. No gluing necessary. EPDM is recommended for water and dust applications. NBR is recommended for exposure to oils and solvents. Compress 3.2 to 4.8mm for best sealing,. Spring steel core. Black only.

Small Parts and Bearings website has a good range of specialty engineering products. Check it now for a possible expanded range of Seals - Door Edge Protection Material.

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