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Model Engine Bearings come in many shapes and sizes, often the sizes are regarded as "non-standard" by regular bearing suppliers.

You can purchase online at Miniature Bearings Australia Online.

As with all applications requiring bearings you will get the best results if you choose the right bearing for the job.

Many of the bearing sizes used in model engines can be obtained in either standard steel cage or high speed non metallic cages such as polyamide or phenolic materials.

Steel Cage

In some engines, the standard steel cage (pictured left) will adequately handle the speed, whilst other engines simply rev too fast for a standard cage. If the bearing you are replacing has a steel cage and lasted well, then you should be safe replacing the bearing with a similar type. If the bearing being replaced had a non-metallic high speed cage (pictured right) then you should replace it with a similar high speed type.

High Speed Cage

It should be noted that the limiting speed of a bearing is the manufacturers guide as to how fast a bearing may be run under ideal conditions. The vibrations experienced in a model engine are not ideal. Many factors need to be considered when choosing a bearing, and the manufacturers limiting speed is only part of the equation. The high speed non-metallic cages are more forgiving than steel cages when it comes to vibration and the ingress of contaminants.

Listings include

Full bearing lists can be found in the online store

Aerrow-Quadra A&M Sachs ASP
Bluebird China Shanghai CMB
Como Cox Enya
Fitzpatrick Force Fox
HB HP Irvine
K&B Magnum McCoy
Merco Moki MVVS
Nelson PS OS
Picco Rex RJL
Ross Royal Saito
Shuriken Super Tigre Thunder Tigre
Veco Webra YS

You can purchase online at Miniature Bearings Australia Online.

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